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Team building activities for excellent employees of SIGMA company
Release date:2021-01-29         Click:592

In October 2020, Sigma's outstanding staff went to the team building activities. There are beautiful scenery, barbecue and a variety of outdoor activities to provide.

We set up a fire to barbecue. Due to the careful preparation of several colleagues and the active cooperation of everyone, the barbecue won the praise of all the staff and achieved a complete success.

After the meal, we gone for free activities. several colleagues displayed their skills on the basketball court, showing the positive interests of sigma people. After that, we went to the shooting range for archery experience. Under the guidance of the coach, we started quickly. During the period, everybody laughed the atmosphere was harmonious.

At the end of the activity, people had rock climbing and steel wire walking experience under the perfect safety measures, and several colleagues successfully climbed to the top. As for the steel wire walking, the team shows great cooperation and a high degree of cohesion.

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