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Intelligent Mattress Flip Machine
Product structure: High-quality 40 x 80 mm thick rectangular steel pipe as the framework, 3.0 cold-rolled plate as the protective frame;
Overall dimensions: 2500(L) x 2000(W) x 850(H) mm (Specific dimensions can be customized according to the scheme);
Operating speed: 26 m/min or 23 m/min (set according to the position of the scheme);
Working principle: The belt conveyor line automatically senses the mattress, turns the mattress over, and the rear cylinder lifts up to catch the mattress and slowly puts it down;
Product features:
It can ensure the cleanness of the mattress, prevent the dirt caused by manual touch, and turn the mattress within 100KG;
Relatively compact structure, reducing floor space;
Modular design, fast installation, stable quality, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.