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Dual Rod Mattress Flip Machine
Product structure: High-quality 40x80 thick rectangular steel pipe as the framework, special K821 thickened aluminum profile as the protective frame, and super-large diameter 76mm stainless steel roller as the transmission medium;
Overall dimension: 2500 (L) x 2200 (W) x 750mm (H), Height is adjustable between 750mm and 820mm ;
Operating speed: 20-30 m/min;
Working principle: The conveying line automatically senses the mattress, and the turnover plate drives the mattress to turn when it is in place;
Product features:
It can ensure the cleanness of the mattress, prevent the dirt caused by manual touch, and turn the mattress within 100KG;
The combination of single cylinder and double baffle can effectively improve the accuracy of mattress turnover.